MAX Horse Feeder

The new automatic MAX Horse Feeder by alcona Automation GmbH feeds your horse needs-based with pellets, grains, muesli or other similar free-flowing feed based on the horse’s needs.

It enables you to divide the feed needed by your horse into many small portions. This is beneficial for its health and digestion and prevents colic. The better utilization of feed reduces the feed quantities and thus the feed costs.

Up to 30 feed portions per day can be set individually, with the feed being dosed exactly at adjustable times and quantities. The optimal supply of your horse is ensured by means of various adjustable feeding intervals.

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Precise scheduled dosage

The MAX Horse Feeder is controlled via the electronic operating terminal. There are various variants to choose from. The local control unit offers the possibility to control up to 4 automatic feeding machines. If more automatic feeding machines are required, the central control unit can be used. This device has a graphical touch display and can manage up to 60 machines.

The operation terminal is supplied optionally with an integrated GSM/UMTS modem, which calls you automatically or sends text messages, whenever e.g. the quantity of feed in the reservoir becomes insufficient.

Every Information and all settings can be administrated easily via the integrated internet server. This way, you can simply use your smartphone or computer to access the automatic feeder and adjust the feed specification as required.

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Satisfied and healthy horses

With the MAX Horse Feeder you can feed your horse exactly and individually. The typical restlessness of manual feeding and the jealousy of food is suppressed. This generates satisfied, healthy and balanced horses! The automatic feeding process gives you time for valuable other activities.

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