bCUBE - The AC battery storage for your home

A new building block for sustainability is our new battery storage for the direct storage of alternating or three-phase current.

When used in their own homes, owners can temporarily store excess energy they have produced themselves as well as cheaply purchased energy and use it later if necessary when electricity procurement costs rise or the self-produced energy is not sufficient for their own supply.

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Maximizing self-consumption

The bCUBE is the ideal solution for storing excess self-produced energy from CHPs, wind turbines and in particular photovoltaic systems.

The integrated energy management recognizes the excess and directs the energy not required by the battery system. If the self-generated energy is reduced or goes out, the house continues to be supplied with energy from the storage system. This ensures maximum self-sufficiency and prevents the otherwise necessary purchase of electricity.

Digital age

In the next years the utility companies will offer more and more electricity tariffs whose pricing is based on the market principle of supply and demand. These so-called dynamic tariffs take into account the overall energy balance: variable amounts of electricity produced from PV and wind energy compared to fluctuating electricity consumption.

The bCUBE receives the current exchange electricity prices as well as forward-looking electricity price forecasts for the next 48 hours.

Based on this information in combination with the forecast local energy consumption, the system determines optimal charging times where energy is actively drawn from the energy supplier and temporarily stored in the battery. The goal here is to charge the battery with purchased electricity when prices are low so that the energy required in the house can be drawn from the battery again later when prices are high.

Available soon

We can hardly wait...

From the beginning of 2024 you can purchase the bCUBE from your electronics retailer and from your local energy supplier!

Professional partners, dealers and utility companies can already register with us as trading partners!