Milk Guard

The new alcona Milk Guard gives you reliable monitoring for your milk tank in accordance with the latest statutory regulations and local dairy requirements.

The Milk Guard monitors the milk refrigeration temperature, the agitator function, the cleaning temperature and duration, as well as power failures and refrigerator malfunctions.

In the event of a malfunction, farmers receive prompt warnings based on automatic phone calls and SMS messages generated by the Milk Guard.

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Safe + Fast informed

The tank monitor works fully automatically by picking up the required values from the tank and from this the corresponding alarms and parameters are generated. Operators receive error messages in the form of phone calls and SMS transmitted via the mobile radio network. Routine operation and/or manual intervention is not required.

If the milk no longer correspond to quality standards, a "Load Warning" function is generated, notifying the driver of the milk tanker truck via strobe light.

All values are tracked, logged, and archived, and are therefore available for up to 12 months.

operation by internet

drill-free installation

adjustable limits

12 months online archive

Retrofitted at any time

The alcona Milk Guard is easily retrofitted into already existing and even new milk tanks. All commercially available tanks are supported.

Up to 4 tanks can be monitored simultaneously. This minimizes investment costs and reduces the resulting workload.

All states, alarms, and temperature curves can be displayed by the integrated web server based on an Internet connection. As a result, the Milk Guard is easily accessed with your PC or Smartphone.

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Quality assurance with the Milk Guard

The device complies with the German Milk Delivery Directive promulgated by the German Milk Association.

The device complies with the campain "Foqus planet" from FrieslandCampina and is active recommended from FrieslandCampina.

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