From the new year 2020, alcona Automation GmbH and WEDA Dammann Westerkamp GmbH are bundling their competences and working together in a cooperation!


Dynamic Load Management regulates the power of several charging points with the aim of optimally utilizing the total electrical mains connection.

As a result, the design of the mains connection and the electrical installation can be made smaller.


The Solar Linkage was developed as an ideal supplement to our STROMAT charging station.

In conjunction with your photovoltaic system, our Solar Linkage ensures that only the self-generated surplus electricity flows into your vehicle.

APRIL 2019

With the newly developed DC guardian, DC residual currents of >= 6 mA can be reliably detected. With the help of this component it is possible to dispense with an expensive all-current sensitive RCD in the house distribution. Our DC guardian is used in our products STROMAT and 3G drive.


Market launch of our new 3G drive.


The topic of "digitalization in agriculture" is becoming increasingly important and is relevant today in the modern farm animal husbandry.

Alcona deals extensively with this topic and already offers his customers solutions for production monitoring and optimization. With the help of sensors, process data is recorded, evaluated and logged.

All intelligent 3G products are networked together (by cable or wireless) and let easy to use remotely over the Internet. The solution takes place on base of a web server, which can be operated classic per LAN or can also be operated by mobile communications.


Our new website is online.

All information about alcona can now be found in the new layout.

JUNE 2018

With the introduction of the product Stromat, alcona enters the trendsetting E-Mobility. A wallbox for charging electric cars with a charging power of up to 22 kW was developed. An appealing design, high functionality and a durable product for an attractive market price ensure the company a high market share in a booming industry.

APRIL 2018

As of the 1st of april 2018, the diary Upländer Bauernmolkerei is introducing the milk guard as mandatory for all of its more than 100 milk suppliers.

After extensive research of the product management, the dairy decided on the alcona milk guard which of course was recommended to the farmers.