The STROMAT-iF is the ideal solution for fleet charging. Each vehicle gets its own RFID chip to start the charging process. In addition, the mileage of the vehicle is entered directly at the display of the charging station. This individual charging information is then transferred to the MANAGER backend system and is then available centrally.

Extensive export functions enable you to output detailed charging information including the respective vehicle mileage in Excel format.

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JULY 2023

The new bCUBE battery storage is the compact solution for the direct storage of electrical energy from the one-phase respectively the three-phase grid of the mains connection. The energy is buffered in high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

An intelligent battery management system combined with a bidirectional inverter system ensures efficient and long-lasting use of the battery system.

The bCUBE is the ideal solution for storing excess self-produced energy as well for a significant reduction of electricity procurement costs in connection with dynamic electricity tariffs.

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We are pleased that we have already been able to equip some Malteser production sites with our STROMAT-I.

The wish of the Malteser Hilfsdienst e. V. was to automatically send the consumption data to the district management so that a central evaluation could take place. We were able to fulfill this wish with an additional LTE modem installed at the respective master station at each location. Consumption data is now automatically sent in e-mail format via the mobile network on the first day of every month.

MAY 2022

The STROMAT-P is now available - the charging pillar for special requirements. Developed as a free-standing outdoor charging station, it covers the requirements for small, medium-sized and large parking lots.

You can choose between solutions with a charging socket or with a permanently connected spiral cable.

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With the product COMPACTO an inexpensive, flexible and modularly expandable load management was developed. The DIN rail module is placed in the electrical distribution and directly records the total current via its current transformers. If the set maximum current is exceeded, the capacity of the connected charging stations will be reduced accordingly.


The Hotel Wolfringmühle from Bavaria would like to give their guests a fixed amount of energy per night to charge their e-vehicles. For this purpose, a solution based on the credit principle was created together with alcona and the STROMAT-I product.

The staff at the hotel reception can use the alcona Internet portal to add an individual credit to an RFID transponder for their guests. The guest selects a free charging station in the parking lot and starts charging with his transponder. When the credit is used up, charging is automatically terminated.


With the advancing digitization, the Agriculture association is renewing all the alarm technology at Haus Düsse.

With the alarm concept from alcona, the entire animal production, milking and power generation are monitored across all buildings. Here, signals are sent over distances of several kilometres, evaluated centrally and reported accordingly.


KFW promote charging stations at privately used parking spaces. In order to be eligible for funding, the charging facility must meet special technical requirements.

Alcona is also thereby! With our STROMAT and STROMAT-I products, you can receive a 900 € grant from federal funding!

For more information, see the "KFW439", "KFW441" program.