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The new 3G product range from alcona Automation GmbH offers you a consistent approach concept for air conditioning, alarm and power supply in poultry houses and pigsties. They have been specially developed for use in agriculture and offer the latest and most modern technologies.

The products are coordinated and easy to connectable with each other. All devices have a uniform operating concept with an intuitive, clearly structured menu navigation.





The intelligent devices can be interconnected via the CAN bus. The devices exchange information, e.g. outside temperature, air rates, alarms, fan rotation speed and others.

Because of the integrated web server, the products 3G control and 3G alarm can be easily remote controlled. With the PC or smart phone and a standard web browser, the homepage of the 3G device is simply called up.

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3G control - quality with system

The 3G control climate computer is designed for up to 4 control circuits. The latest control algorithms provide for the optimal climate in animal houses and constant temperatures for the healthy and stress-free breeding and fattening.

3G control features various possibilities to connect probes, sensors and measuring fans as well as to regulate and control shutters, fans, heaters, valves, and many more.

Clearly structured and comprehensible screen masks allow for the simple operation of the device. Temperatures, measurements and many more details can be saved in 3G control for up to one year and visualized in graphic form as well as further processed on the computer 3G.

3G control single

With the product 3G control-single alcona Automation GmbH offers a slim climate computer for controlling one compartment. A two-line display shows the relevant data of the compartment in a simple way.

The product benefits from the big brother 3G control: Many functions such. B. operating modes, growth curve, outdoor temperature compensation and automatic lowering were taken over here.

The 3G control-single offers connection options for reading of sensors and measuring fans as well as for setting and controlling shutters, fans, heaters and valves.

Optionally, it also has a CAN bus for networking with other 3G family products. This provides opportunities for communication to central extraction, alarm or similar.

3G control single - the smart 1-compartment controller

3G alarm

The alarm computer 3G alarm is able to administrate up to 48 alarms, with alarming can be done by signal horn, flashlight, by telephone and text message as well as by e-mail. The device integrates a GSM/UMTS/LTE modem for telephone alarms, which communicates with the farmer via mobile phone network.

The device is able to process up to 16 digital alarm contacts and two temperature sensors directly. Other bus-compliant sensors, climate computers, and extension modules can be connected to the alarm computer via the CAN bus.

If you connect 3G alarm to the climate computers, you can operate all participants connected to the bus in a centralized manner at the alarm computer.

The device is equipped with a graphic display, which shows the important states in a clearly structured manner. You can see the network operator, the mobile signal strength, the prepaid credit and many more details in a simple way.

The alarm computer features a multitude of automated monitoring functions providing you with the highest level of security. These include e.g. periodic checks of battery status, mobile signal strength and prepaid credit. 3G alarm informs you directly about noticeable problems.

The market leader with level

3G power

The power supply series 3G power provides you with many power supply variants to operate actuators and shutters.

The UPS - types are provided with two large integrated rechargeable batteries, which continue to supply the output voltage in case of power failures. This mode facilitates moving the shutters and actuators once again into the emergency position to ensure the greatest possible circulation of air in case of a power failure. The series features a 24-V-DC version and a 230-V-AC version.

The LEDs integrated in the device front inform you about the device status.

3G Power - With safely reliable!